Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 2

I suppose “guilty pleasure” might be as good a term as any to describe my feelings for this show after two eps. There’s nothing about it I can especially point to as wonderful, but the overall impression so far is still positive. I’m enjoying it, for whatever reason, and that’s enough reason to keep watching.

It’s an odd mix, this one. An eroge adaptation that – so far – has almost no fanservice unless you’re a shotacon. It’s light-hearted, but prone to occasional fits of downright weirdness. It’s doing a good job of systematically putting all the regulation pieces in place for the harem storyline to play out, that’s for sure, although at this point it certainly seems that food otaku Nakatsugawa Ui is the clear frontrunner. But we have our moralistic class rep, our mysterious miko, and a bunch of other girls in place as well. We also have our requisite male wingman, whose mum happens to be the kids’ homeroom teacher.

And then there’s that otouto. They’re playing up his cuteness to the point where I’m wondering if it’s going to have some impact on the plot. Is this a shounen-ai Yosuga no Sora, where Kazuma has an otouto fetish? Ui certainly seems to have some sort of brother fetish, and we did get on Oreimo joke about Ayumu. And just what was up with that voice-over narration with the PV? “The hole in the flower?” Talk about a WTF moment. I like that element of random weirdness the show has, though – it’s certainly keeping me guessing…


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