Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 4

He didn’t…  Did he?

I don’t know if anything I see this season is going to be able to match last week’s episode of Dororon for pure depravity, but fortunately Go Nagai has endless reserves of the stuff – so we figure to be treated to healthy doses of the stuff for the rest of the series.

There were a number of highlights this week, which centered around a demon named Incupuss (LOL) whose schtick is posing as a cat and causing humans and other demons to fall asleep. Turns out he’s working for yet another demon, a hundred-handed weirdo who tosses everyone into a giant cookpot and remolds them into bizarre caricatures of themselves that aren’t entirely clear to me. Harumi is the first victim, followed by Yukiko (I believe you can see where this is headed). Naturally, when they’re asleep Incupuss’ victims go to some sort of bizarre psychedelic 60’sle style dance party – don’t ask, I have no idea.

Chappeau-ji tells Enma he’d better wake the girls up at any cost – which leads to Enma-kun kissing, orally pleasuring and apparently eventually going all the way with the sleeping Yukiko. Unfortunately for our heroes, this only lands the rest of them asleep as well – and somehow Enma-kun living out some sort of crossdressing fantasy as Heidi (or Pippi Lonstockings) while 12 year-old Harumi parades around naked bar a pair of wings and a figurative fig leaf. Oh, dear.

I don’t think any of this really needs to make sense – that isn’t the point. But for God’s sake, won’t someone please think of the children? At the very least, whatever you do don’t let them watch. I think you pretty much know at this point how the ep itself is going to end – Enma wakes up eventually, cuts off cat’s tail and – with some help from Yukiko – blasts Incupuss and his boss to Hell although they’ve already surrendered. And, while he’d also apparently blasted all the other humans who’d gone into the stockpot into smithereens, they all wake up fine at the end and “everyone lives happily ever after”. Except Kappeiru, who’s been deformed to the point where Enma-kun thinks he’s now an enemy.

Oh yes, that little cliffhanger from the end of episode 3. The exhibitionist witch, Enbi is still around – though we don’t see her until the postscript once again. She introduces herself as “Dororon” Enbi this time, and Enma seems quite anxious that Kappeiru not reveal her true identity.


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