Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 2


I think Norio Wakomoto must be contractually obligated to play the King of Hell – how could it have been anyone else? All the pieces are now in place.

I don’t know if the 1973 series had some of the really dodgy stuff that this one does, but after two episodes it’s pretty safe to say that this remake of Dororon is aimed at adults much more than kids. As if going cowgirl weren’t enough, Yukiko is practically tentacle-raped this week – as Enma-kun looks on lustily. It isn’t all nudity and sexual innuendo by any means, but it is pretty much wall-to-wall insanity – some of the best manic panic since the inexplicable Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. And while neither the OP or ED is on par with the almost peerless “Love Tropicana” they’re both great, and totally fit the mood of the piece.

In some ways the second could be looked at as a straightforward backstory ep, but it was pretty clever the way it was laid out – in fractured remembrances from the Demon Squad culminating in Enma’s “Haven’t I come a long way?” when, of course, he’d just repeated the exact same debacle they were remembering almost exactly. Apparently Enma-kun is going to forget his Uncle’s admonition and kill his targets pretty much every time, which I suspect is going to have serious consequences for him the end.

There isn’t a lot to analyze here, really – what this show is, is just pure unadulterated fun. It’s silly, smutty and smart enough to keep you laughing. As good as it looks and sounds, that’s more than enough to keep me hooked. I don’t necessarily expect a whole lot of character development or an intricate plot, and that’s just fine – if we get either, that will be a bonus. I’m perfectly content to let the madness wash over me and laugh my ass off every week.


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