Mitsudomoe – 14 (DVD Extra Episode)

The bonus TV episode did indeed turn out to be the DVD extra ep that was part of the season one releases. While it was clearly of the first season, the episode showed how little things really changed between seasons (in a good way) and if this turns out to be the last we see of Mitsudomoe, it went out on a high note.

First of all, it was nostalgic to see the S1 OP and ED again. One thing I noticed immediately was that all of the parents who showed up in the S2 parent-teacher episode were in the S1 OP dance number, which is pretty cool. As for the episode itself, it’s easy to see why it didn’t appear on TV. Even by Mitsudomoe standards, it was pretty edgy to say the least. Fortunately, it was also frequently LOL hilarious.

Starting things off was a wildly inappropriate sketch about how Hitoha’s soft cheeks are like boobies – it was just so, so wrong. Naturally Futaba leads the charge but when Hitoha gets a nipple-shaped pimple, all bets are off – now all the boys want to cop a feel and even poor Yabe-chi gets roped into the action (and I must confess, it was funny, sad and disturbing to see how turned on he was by feeling Hitoha up, even when he knew it was her cheek). Chiba’s “I want to suck on thing!” had me on the floor, as did the reaction of Futaba to his staking a claim. What really makes the bit work is Hitoha’s deadpan, dismissive way of dealing with the attention – including faking a lump with her tongue (Gods, that was cute). Unfortunately – in a classic misunderstanding twist – this leads to Yabechi feeling Futaba up.

The next sketch gives a preview of the Mitsuba fat humor to come in S2, this time featuring Sugisaki’s perv Mom and a treadmill. I’m not crazy about the fat jokes and I don’t think they’re generally among the better moments in the series, but Mitsuba’s histrionics on the treadmill – set to 50 KPH by Futaba – are genuinely hilarious. There’s a little throwaway bit about Mitsuba using a toy car to tone her tummy, they Sugisaki, Miyawhatever-san and Eyebrows show up with a gift from Sugisaki’s Mom – an exercise ball. This is pretty much repetitive, but amusing nonetheless.

Finally, things wrap with my favorite sketch of the episode – a highly creative bit where Sugisaki and Mitsuba have a “two ships passing in the night” argument about sushi restaurants. Sugisaki has only ever been to fancy places and ordered omakase, and Mitsuba – poor as she is – has only been to kaiten-zushi (conveyer belt sushi) places. The highlight, for me, is the picture each jealous girl paints in their mind’s eye about the other’s sushi place – and it all ends with Sugisaki inviting herself along to the Marui’s favorite kaiten-zushi place. Sugisaki loves everything about the adventure of course – except for the priceless moment when she realizes the sushi isn’t quite the same as at those fancy places.

Well, if this is it, this is it – it’s been a great ride. This special episode was a nice way to wrap everything up.


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