Level E – 12

Looks like Level E is going to wrap with a two-parter that takes us more or less back to the original storyline. Certainly Yukitaka and Edogawa are back, with no sign of any of the one-off arc characters from in-between making a reappearance.

The closing arc, as it should, focuses squarely on Prince Baka. This time, though, the wild card is the introduction of his little brother Mohan and fiancee, Princess Luna. He’s a goody-twoshoes overachiever, responsible, sensible, and beloved of his people. She a Princess Kaguya type, from the moon planet Magura, which was oft-times almost at war with Dagura. Their marriage was arranged at birth and they’d never met until her arrival on Earth. Though she seems quiet and demure, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

The premise is classic Baka – due to a sham law he had passed, he doesn’t have to become King – there’s nothing he’d like less – if he can avoid a marriage ceremony for a month. Mohan is here to see that that doesn’t happen, and he’s careful – he’s surrounded Earth by a huge fleet hidden by a fake sky in order to keep Baka from fleeing. Luna is more subtle – turns out she’d recruited Colin as a mole, and he’s been spying on Baka and his team all along. With inside info about their movements, it’s a breeze for Mohan and Luna to track Baka to Yukitaka’s place – where they end up staying as he flees again.

This battle of minds is shaping up as rather interesting. Kraft wants to help Baka for the simple reason that he doesn’t want him to become King – a common interest. Mohan is smart but I suspect he’d be no match for Baka’s deviousness – he’s too direct. It’s Luna the Prince has to worry about – she’s not only smart (she studied from the time she was small to impress him) but as devious as he is, and a bit of a yandere to boot. Scary combination – though it probably makes her more appealing to him as a life partner. There are also hints of a strange plan Baka has hatched for the Earth, though that may just be for comic relief – hard to tell (as it often is with this show).

This series has never been less than fascinating and wildly entertaining, so it’s fitting that I can’t even guess how this is all going to end. Will Baka win, and escape – which seems like the best solution for everyone, quite frankly? Will Luna outflank him and carry him back to Dogura as her prize? Will they end up falling madly for each other and flee together, leaving Mohan and Kraft holding the bag? The only thing that seems certain is that Yukitaka will be annoyed, we’ll get trolled somehow and the process of sorting everything out will be entertaining. With a show that doesn’t feel compelled to follow any dramatic rules, anything and everything is possible. That’s one of the things that makes it such fun to watch.


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  1. M

    Lol, I don't think Tsutsui even is a main character any more – I mean, haven't the kara reinjas appeared in almost as many episodes as him? Just appearing in the first episode doesn't make him a main character 😛

    And I completely agree with your closing paragraph – if anything, this show is unexpected. It may be funny at times, serious at times, plain boring at times – but it's always unexpected.

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