Dragon Crisis – 12 (End)

Dragon Crisis ends as it ran, with an enjoyable though unexceptional conclusion. It was nothing if not comprehensive though, I’ll give it that.

The good? For starters, we got not only a confession of love from Ryuji, but an actual kiss. How many romance series never even give the audience that much closure? We also got a rather adorable twintails Rose at the end, and just about every character in the series managed to at least make an appearance at one point or another that was relevant to the conclusion. We even got a pop-in from Ryuji’s parents, at long last.

Not so good was the action sequence leading up to the end. A couple of moments were genuinely cringeworthy, especially Eriko driving her car over a helicopter and onto the roof of Onyx’ jet. There was also a bit too much deux ex machina to have everybody show up at just the right moment, which is the downside of a comprehensive ending.

On balance, it was a pleasant conclusion. I think Ryuji and Rose not shying away from growing up was the right decision. I like the fact that Ryuji – and the series – made an actual choice and didn’t leave the stereotypical harem end. Given the limitations of this show I don’t think I could reasonably have expected any more than that.


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