Dragon Crisis – 6

It struck me tonight (probably because I watched this episode right after Fairy Tail 66) that Kugimiya Rie’s Rose voice is almost identical to her “Happy” voice. Stick a pair of wings on a land animal and I guess KugiRie’s got her character down.

As for the episode itself, it was primarily notable for the introduction of Odd Eye – a 15 year-old wolf girl who’s been pressed into a life of stealing lost preciouses(es) by a baddie ex-researcher named Furomori. He’s 70 but looks 30, and acts all nice at the Society party the gang attends early on in the episode. Ryuuji saves Odd Eye (real name Ai) when she falls off a branch trying to save a stranded cat. No cliches there.

This is really all an elaborate setup to get Ryuuji and Ai tied together by a spell gone wrong, which happens when she shows up at the house planning to steal Eriko’s lost precious earring. Which is also really an elaborate setup to show Rose in full on jealous mode, the closest to tsun deredere Rose has been in this series. She doesn’t like Ryuuji and Ai being together one bit, much less literally joined at the wrist. This desperation for attention prompts her to show off her new flying ability, which frankly still needs some work.

As things stand, Furomori knocks out our heroes and kidnaps Ryuuji, still tied to Ai. While Ai claims her master is some sort of Lost Precious Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to share the wealth amongst all mankind, there’s healthy skepticism that a man who would use a 15 year-old to steal for him is morally much to write home about. And just how does he look so young – another lost precious, perhaps?



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    I'm looking forward to this show more and more weekly. I really enjoy Rie's voice. 😀

  2. I like her voice here (and her Happy voice) much more than her tsundere voice. But it does start to sound pretty much the same after a while…

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