Dragon Crisis – 4

A definite shift to a lighter tone this week, and the introduction of a couple of new characters. After the accelerated events of the first three episodes, probably not a bad thing.

Ryuuji is off to the beach on a pre-arranged trip to the beach with friends, which unfortunately sets Rose off on a panic attack that threatens to destroy the apartment. Eriko’s solution? Secretly sneak off to the same hotel with Rose in tow. Unfortunately this puts a huge crimp in the plans of osananajimi Misaki to use the trip to get closer to Ryuuji. Of more import is the arrival on the scene of Maruga (Horie Yui, busier than ever this season) apparently another dragon. She asks Ryuuji to steal back the White Dragon Sword from George Evans, another level 10 breaker living at the Anglican church. But not is all as it seems here – George comes off a pretty nice guy, and though he hates dragons he doesn’t know much about them. He also has a bad habit of destroying things inadvertently when drawing a sword. Worse, he falls for Maruga, having no clue of her true nature.

A twist on St. George and the Dragon is interesting, if perhaps inevitable given the subject matter here. It was nice to see a slow-paced school life episode centered around the comedy. Ryuuji’s friends seem to be a pretty standard bunch – the childhood friend, the matchmaker, the girl-crazy best friend – but they’re a nice change of pace in this series. George is clearly a character who could go either way, and Maruga appears to be someone who’s going to be around for a while.

Nothing really stands out about this show at this point, but Mondays and Tuesdays are slow this season so I’ll keep blogging it for now. I still think the show has a really nice look to it and I enjoy the character designs, though the animation is nothing special. I’m not expecting many “wow” moments but if it continues to be mildly entertaining from week to week, I won’t complain.


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