Oreimo – Animated Commentary 01

What a great ass!

I know the inclination is to say, “Man – things must be really slow if he’s blogging individual DVD extras”. But these “animated commentaries” from Ore no Imouto are some of the best and most interesting I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The commentaries run around 10 minutes, and as you can see, feature SD versions of the characters “watching” DVD episodes and providing commentary. There’s a wonderful ouroboros quality to these – the characters are themselves, but something like a cross between the characters and the actors playing them, as the fourth wall comes down hard. In the first, Kirino and Kyousuke watch the events of the first episode as themselves, in character, but with an odd kind of analytical detachment. They’re able to see what we see, and give voice to our thoughts – as if they had been watching those scenes in the first place rather than living them.

It’s wonderfully funny – the best line of the first commentary was Kyou’s “What a great ass” at the – well, great ass – of Kirino on-screen. But they also shed some light on the characters and events of the actual episode – a kind of interesting “behind-the-scenes” psychological analysis of what happened. One potentially revealing moment was when Kirino asked which episode the Kyousuke she was speaking to was from, and he said “Around episode 20, second season”. LOL – with DVD/BD sales like this show has generated, it hardly seems possible that a second season won’t happen sooner or later. For now, while we wait for the “True End” DVD-only eps we can be contented with these smart little commentaries – with Kuroneko dropping by for the second one.


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