Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? – 2

Things are already starting to get a little crowded for me this season, but based on episode 2 this is a very tempting target for blogging. It was a considerable improvement over the premiere, which was decent in its own right.

That’s saying something, because there are a couple of major elements of this series that grate on me to the point of being pet peeves. First, the whole notion of watching the protagonist get chopped up in fresh and new ways every week is already tiresome – if I wanted to watch Princess Resurrection (thank goodness I don’t) I would. Second, the whole notion of the constant verbal abuse gag is already getting tired as well. Sera was a lot to take for one episode – if it keeps up, it may be too much.

For all that, the episode for the most part was very funny. It also did a good job of filling in the blanks on how Ayumu got to be a zombie. He’s emerging as a very decent guy – he died trying to stop an act of violence against someone he didn’t even know. I like the dynamic being set up between he and Yuu, who’s growing on me in a big way. The scene towards the end of the episode where she scolded and slapped Haruna for casually telling Ayumu to go die was well-written, and showed as much about her character as the flashback scene did about Ayumu’s.

Haruna, I’m undecided about – she seems like the archetypal tsundere, albeit a cute one. T whole “Ayumu as Masou Shoujo” gag has a lot of life in it and I’m glad they aren’t going to play it out too fast by using it every week. Seraphim the vampire ninja, on the other hand, didn’t do much for me. The “piece of shit” gag got old by about the second (of thirty or so) times it was used in the episode. Of course I’m sure she’ll soften up as she falls in love with Ayumu, as she inevitably will. For all its flaws, the group dynamics were well-written and packed a lot of snap, and the visual humor is very stylish and clever. So there’s a lot to like here – enough to keep me blogging maybe, watching for sure.


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