Tegami Bachi Reverse – 10

Lots of revelations in a very cute and funny 10th episode of Reverse:

– Lag looks adorable (and convincing) in drag
– Connor has a libido as well as an appetite
– There are giant lizards in Amberground, they’re called “Miss Mascara” and they pull carts.

I can see right up your skirt…

Of course, we found out some much more meaningful stuff as far as the plot is concerned too, mostly thanks to a flashback to a conversation Lag had with Niche’s twin. Turns out the gaichu are actually the evolved form of “spirit insects”, who transform into them after they’ve last the last of their heart. Not all of these spirit insects transform into gaichu, though, especially those frozen in amber – lucky for Lag, since he has one in his left eye.

Zazie and Lag end up in the village of Lament, looking to help Connor given the rash of letter thefts by Noir. Connor is there all right – buying cookies every day from Veritably Abbey in the vain hope of seeing the girl who sold him the first 9 bags and stole his heart. Lag spots her and realizes that the girl is actually Roda, and the Abbey a secret Reverse base. As the Abbey is a cloister, he goes undercover in a drafty dress as a sort of Little Lag Riding Hood (as Zazie says – being a girl “totally works” for him) to search for information as Zazie goes back to report to the hive and a smitten Connor keeps watch. The friendly little red-headed novitiate Sunny looks after “Lala” – but Lala manages to find Roda right away. Roda realizes who Lag is right away, and after noting repeatedly how cute Lag is, tries to kill him. Only the unleashing of the powerful “Lag Rocket” saves our hero – for now…

Lag Rocket!!!

Well, we know now that Roda was one of the failed human experiments witnessed in Gauche’s heart memories. We also know that Lag has finally finished his letter to Gauche, and we know from the PV that Noir will make an appearance in the next episode. So it looks as if things are really heating up plot-wise – but Lag is all alone without Niche, and only Connor for backup – and he refuses to believe Roda capable of being a Reverse spy. Lag seems to be no match for Roda, never mind Noir – so it looks as if he’s in a lot of trouble. But while Roda appeared to try to kill him, I had the sense she held back – out of affection or pity, it’s hard to say. There’s also an evolved winged gaichu that Noir freed from the Maka’s ice cave, ready to wreak havoc, so the next ep promises to be full of significant events.



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    Lag rocket!!!!!

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    Lag Rockkkett! C;

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