Nurarihyon no Mago – 24

Tamazuki shows his true stripes in the penultimate episode, pretty much wiping out his entire night parade. It wasn’t that hard to see coming – though Inugami certainly couldn’t – but it was a little shocking nonetheless.

This was a pretty straightforward action episode for the most part. The Nura Clan was mostly getting the better of things, but that all seemed to be part of Tamazuki’s plan. As was established earlier his sword, the Devil’s Hammer, uses an Inuyasha-esque ability to absorb the strength of the youkai it slays. So Tamazuki systematically slays his entire team, finishing up with the ultimate betrayal of his most loyal supporter.

Probably the most interesting revelations this week surrounded the old head of the Shikoku Clan, who revealed he was at the head of the youkai army that was defeated by the humans and Devil’s Hammer 300 years earlier. The shame of that apparently sent Tamazuki off on his quest to surpass his father. We also learned that a chibi version of night Rikuo saved Kana and all of her classmates from a bus crash caused by a youkai that eats children, which apparently was the source of her lust for him. That explains a lot, as it was also apparently the source of Kiyotsugu’s fascination with youkai.

While the series is wrapping up in conventional if not unpleasant fashion, the most important development in this fandom was the announcement that Nurariyhon will indeed be getting a second season. Clearly, this was going to be an awkward and rushed ending without it – so that’s good news. From what the manga readers say, the good stuff hasn’t even started yet.


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