Yosuga no Sora – 8

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There’s no question about it – the first two arcs were playland compared to this one.  Unlike those pleasant diversions, the Nao/Sora situation packs a lot of emotional weight.  And tempers and emotions are running high.

If Haruka bore any grudge against Nao for raping him when he was a child, he seems to have gotten over it.  Whatever happened back then, it’s clear that there was a very real bond between the two.  When Haru left town, Nao apparently went into a tailspin – her personality completely changing (all this was according to annoying wingman Youhei, who has way too much screen time in this episode).

Nice melons

What we didn’t see in that flashback last week was that Sora witnessed the incident – even if she didn’t totally understand what she was seeing.  When she walks in on the pair now, there’s no doubt in her mind what she’s seeing, and it’s a lot hotter than the curry on the stove.  Haru, pimp that he is, doesn’t even break his rhythm when Sora walks in – but Nao is horrified. Sora kicks her out and begins a reign of terror against the pair of them, determined to keep them apart.  Unfortunately for her, Haru has other ideas.

This is where it gets a little complicated for me.  I gather we’re supposed to generally sympathize with Sora, but I don’t find her especially likable.  Besides the fact that she’s a hikokomori, she’s utterly self-centered and treats Haruka like crap.  He cooks for her, shops for her, watches out for her emotionally (most of the time) and generally acts as her punching bag.  And, lest we forget, she’s his twin sister.  What right does she have to oppose his having a relationship with a girl who isn’t his twin sister?  Clearly, this has been a confusing and disturbing adolescence for the both of them, but still.

On the other hand, she did see Nao practically rape her brother when he was probably twelve years old.  So in that sense, she has every right to be angry at Nao and consider him a bad influence on her brother.  There’s no telling what impact that early experience had on Haru – though he seems to have come through it OK, and Nao seems to genuinely love him.  Sora didn’t react this violently when Haru hooked up with Kazuha or Akira, which suggests that either she realizes Nao is a much more serious threat to her chances, or she just doesn’t want Nao anywhere near her brother for his own sake.

I’ll give Yosuga no Sora this – for all the comparisons it’s inspired, it’s quite unlike any other series I’ve seen.  We know that sibling kiss is going to return to prominence, and the incest route seems inevitable.  But I can’t honestly say I know how this is going to end.

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