Tegami Bachi Reverse – 6

I haven’t got any pants on…

It’s seems almost unnecessary to blog Letter Bee at this point, because it’s just so absurdly consistent. And consistently itself – there’s no other series quite like it.

That said, they always seem to come up with a few new absurd word combinations or bizarre concepts or stunning visuals every episode. This week it was Sylvette’s turn to shine. We got our closest look yet at how she puts bad soup on the table and a roof over her and Lag’s (and Connor and Zazie’s) heads, as a dolllmaker. While Lag wants her to help him write that stubborn heart shindan to Gauche, she’s consumed by a last-minute request to make a doll for a little girl whose father is going into the mines the next day. Not in Chile, one hopes.

They’re endangered, you know

What follows is a wonderful, psychedelic carriage ride that could only happen in Letter Bee. First off, the carriage is pulled by a rhinoceros (no explanation – just a rhino carriage). On board is a lecherous old man with a bad toupee and a highwayman named “Autobahn” (though he’s never told anyone else that name) dressed as an old lady. While they lumber on towards the town where the little girl lives, we get the first real serious moment with Lag and Sylvette as a “couple” – she falls asleep on his shoulder and his heart goes “ker-thump!” But then he falls asleep too, the old lady steals the doll, and a very irate Niche – “tryin’ to sleepin'” on Lag’s day off – has located them via Sylvette’s scent. That’s when Sylvette turns into some kind of superhero, the “Wheelchair Leopardess”, and wreaks some vigilante justice. The moral of the story as summed up by Lag? “Don’t piss Sylvette off”.


As usual, it was all perfectly delightful – Lag’s outrageous bedhead, Niche’s mangled slang, Sylvette’s GAR, the wacky supporting cast. Next week looks like we get back to the core story – the episode title is “Film Noir” and Gauche appears to feature prominently, along with Lag’s tears.


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