Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 9

This week represented something of the yin/yang of this series for me. The first segment was full of the elements I loathe – Chibi-Tomoki, Mikako, another of her interminably tedious “competitions”. The second was wall-to-wall Ikaros being kawaii with a side of Nymph, which is a concoction I’ll take every day and twice on Sunday.

Fortunately I didn’t hate the first part as much as some of it’s sister sketches. There were amusing moments – Nymph as a minnow Tomoko throws back, Sohara as the white whale, the death flag “proposal” for Tomoki. It even had some continuity – references to the last episode with Fate, the watermelon monster, etc. And once is started, Mikako’s involvement was somewhat limited.

If he doesn’t marry her, I will

The second part was pure win, though. Centered around the concept of Tomoki finally giving Ikaros and Nymph an allowance, what followed was an adorable and amusing look into the mind of my two favorite angeloids. Nymph, hilariously, decides to spend all her stash on snacks – which Astraea promptly starts mooching off of. The lovely and innocent Ikaros, OTOH, (after petting her money for a bit) goes on a quest to find something to buy that will make Master happy. After getting several bad pieces of advice, she finally gets some of the good from Sugata – who tells her to buy a watermelon. This initially disappoints and confuses Ikaros when she realizes that was what she wanted, not what Tomoki wanted – but the lesson is driven home when she realizes Tomoki is happy because she got something for herself. But is what she really wants…the proposal?

That was a nice little finish to the episode. Some good development between Tomoki and Ikaros – while the death flag bit was played for laughs, it was still Ikaros he thought of. Even Nymph had her moment, blushing furiously as she shared the caramel apple she bought for Tomoki. And we see Fate – to no one’s surprise, still alive – trapped at the bottom of the ocean and ruminating on love and pain. She remains a very creepy little creature.


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