Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 7

Sora no Otoshimono
, your plot is here… And it only took 7 episodes!

This was probably my favorite episode of the season, along with the Buddhist retreat parody one. Almost no Mikako or Sohara, minimal Sugata, and a notable absence of Chibi-Tomoki bar a few seconds. All good things. It might have been a little serious or plot-heavy for some tastes, but this season has been notably plot light so far.

It seems that in some ways, Nymph has become the main character this season. She certainly has more to do than Ikaros, and she’s the most sane and “normal” person in the cast. Her arc directly crosses everyone else’s in a way none of the others really do, and her pathos is played out for the audience to a level that only Tomoki’s can match. She was involved in everything this week – the short silliness in the beginning, as her gluttony pulls her into Astraea’s baka orbit and they eat Alpha’s precious watermelons. Nymph’s attempts to cover it up lead to a Tomoki-watermelon monster and a very annoyed Alpha.

But the meat of the episode this week is the second-generation angeloid, Chaos. And boy, she’s a creepy one – a loli in a nun’s habit with a scary shadow and an even scarier smile. She works her way into Tomoki’s dreams – booting Daedalus out in the process – and later flashes that scary smile in a very sinister Tomoki impression. Playing on poor Nymph’s foremost desire to be loved by Tomoki – she uses the wingless angeloid as a test to learn about “love”. As the episode ends Daedalus is protecting Sugata – stranded in the Synapse because of Chaos’ interference with Nymph – Ikaros is agonizing over seeing Nymph and Master together, and Nymph is in big, big trouble. We don’t even get a comic ED this week – no, it’s a dead-serious one with a lot of short of worried-looking Tomoki.


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