Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 6

This week’s episode was back to the formula of the first four. There was absolutely no serious plot development at all – until the postscript, anyway.

Nothing earth-shatteringly funny this week, just a couple of amiable “Bwaaaaaaka!” based storylines. The first involved Tomoki’s desire to prove to those snotty girls that he’s not a complete idiot, which leads the Prez to stage another one of her silly simulations (which are amusing me less and less with each episode). This time it’s a game show featuring Tomoki, Nymph, Prez, Astraea and Sohara – with Sugata and Ikaros as hosts. The second involved the humiliated Tomoki matching half-wits with Astraea to determine just who the bigger baka is (he loses). Finally, after the ED, we get some drama – our first look at the character Daedalus. She lives in the Synapse and calls Alpha and Beta “her daughters” – but her fond observations are intruded upon by Prometheus (Booooo!) who promptly announces that he’s completed the second generation angeloids, with which he plans to destroy Alpha and Beta.

The two funniest bits of the ep for me where the ED (as usual) showing Ikaros researching the answers to the quiz, and the sequence where the “Manliness” cherubs come to Tomoki just as he’s about to lie about not peeking in the girls locker room and win the quiz. But a couple of nagging annoyances are starting to really limit my enjoyment of this season. First, chibi-Tomoki is being overused to death. Seriously – it’s too much. And second, I never really cared for the Prez all that much as a character and she’s getting way, way too much screen time this season. Her grandly staged events were marginally funny the first time, and they’ve been losing appeal ever since. More Ikaros, please, and less Kaicho. And give chibi-Tomoki a long furlough.

Probably the biggest news in the SnO-verse this week was not the episode, but the news that we’re getting a movie. SnO with no censorship and a huge budget? The mind is boggled.


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