Nurarihyon no Mago – 21

One thing I really like about this show is the way it acts as a microcosm of the main character’s dual life. We see whole episodes almost entirely dedicated to the demon half of the storyline, and other to the human. In some, these two streams cross and give us a sense of the overlap of the two very different worlds.

There wasn’t much of the Supernatural Squad this week, as the youkai took control of the action. It seems we’ve reached a sort of reckoning point for Rikuo – he can no longer hope to command the Nura Clan in the passive way he has been. Members are being killed and his subordinates demand action.

The really interesting twist this week was that Rikuo needs to form his own Night Parade of 100 Demons, as the ones loyal to his grandfather (and we had tantalizing mentions of Rikuo’s father this week) view him as an equal, not as their master. This notion seemed to finally shake Rikuo out of his indecision, and naturally the first batch of youkai to swear loyalty are Yuki-onna, Aotabo, Kurotabo and Kubinashi – in a rather somber ceremony involving underage drinking. I suspect that Shoei, once he recovers, will be one of the next roung, along with Gyuuki’s two subordinates, Gozumaru and Mezumaru.

The most interesting elements for me were Yuki-onna’s vision of Night Rikuo after drinking the sake – competition for Kana? – and Rikuo’s conversation with himself. I don’t know how that works exactly, but both halves of Rikuo seemed to quite literally seemed to be having a face to face discussion. I suppose it was meant to be symbolic – Day Rikuo pledging to protect the humans, Night Rikuo to deal with the demon side – but not having read the manga it’s hard to tell.


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