Durarara – 12.5

I somehow missed the fact that this OVD episode of Durarara was subbed about 6 weeks ago. These DVD extra episodes can be pretty hit or miss – very often there’s a good reason they weren’t part of the original series. But on balance, this was a fully worthy addition to the Durarara catalogue.

This was one of the first series I blogged, and it was awfully nice to see these characters in action again – not to mention the OP, one of the very best in recent memory. As for the ep itself, it was everything you’d want an OVD to be. All of the major characters were represented – even Isaac and Miria from Baccano! made an appearance, adorably clueless as ever. The story felt like it could have as easily come from Baccano! as Durarara too, with it’s time-bending narrative style.

As so often with this author, it’s sort of pointless to try and explain the plot. There’s a red bag involved, the Otaku Gang has a big role to play, and pretty much all the characters get the chance to express the weirdness that made them so irresistible in the first place. They were all in fine form here – the high schoolers, Celty with her alien phobia, Shizuo at his insanely violent best. There’s lots of really bad Engrish, too, and lots of street scenes in Ikebukuro that brought me right back to my stay there this last May.

Could there be a second season? Who knows – I believe there’s enough source material and the show seems pretty popular. While I thought the first half was great and the second only good, I always enjoyed the characters – that’s the most important element of a series for me and I’d love the seem them back for seconds. Though on balance, I’d rather see a second season of Bacanno! if given the choice.


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