Amagami SS – 21

So begins our final arc. We’ve had a loli arc, a sexy senpai arc, not one but two osananajimi arcs, and the spunky athletic girl arc. At last, we wrap up with the tightly-wound class president/overachiever with the hidden dark side.

The right girl won…

One thing this episode did very nicely was to find a slot for all the girls to appear that felt natural to the plot. I must say, though, that Haruka absolutely wins. She steals every scene she’s in and damn, whether she’s in a Santa skirt or peeping at girls in bikinis, she’s sexy. But at least with our new girl, Ayatsuji, we have a little spark – something that was totally missing in the tea club arc that had a girl named Rihoko in it.

Mind you, this was certainly full of cliches – not least of which was getting locked in the storeroom. It was handled pretty well, though – Ayatsuji was perfectly in character. Calm, cool and collected was she – always with a smile on her face. Poor Junichi only volunteered for the Founder’s Day Committee to try and get over his morose loathing of Christmas, but in Ayatsuji may have gotten more than he bargained for. For when he happened upon her notebook, you see, her reaction was rather terrifying… What terrible secrets does our perfect girl have hidden in there?

Wherever this goes, it’s certainly been an improvement based on one episode. At least there’s some spark between the leads and this one feels like it will be about a real romantic relationship. I like seeing Junichi is the “seme” role in the relationship (heh!) where he hasn’t really been since the Haruka arc.


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