Yosuga no Sora – 2

Miko sighting!!!

This is the series that I’ve seen compared to more other series than any this fall, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a bit of a chameleon – somber and reflective, yet occasionally rather silly and interspersed with nudity and hints of twincest and yuri. At the heart of it is a sibling relationship that definitely justifies the “Sola” comparison Kaoru Choujo made last week. I still get more of an “Ef” vibe than anything, but whatever else it is this is an interesting show.

While “troll” is a stronger word than I’d use the tease at the end of the first episode was definitely a feint – all Sora wanted for was Haru to measure her for a school uniform. She’s a brat and clearly a load for Haru – terrified of mosquitoes, angry, sulky, and needy. He seems devoted to her but there’s a little hint of suppressed anger in his manner sometimes. Meanwhile, the second ep goes into full harem set-up mode – with Kazukha (Ojou-sama) and Akira the Miko taking center stage. Both seemingly have a thing for Haruka – clearly, this boy has the kavorka – but we get what seems very much like a flirty scene between the two girls. And not only that, Kazuha calls Akira “Onee-sama”! What’s up with that? Yet another feint – and just what is this scene
in the PV??


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