To Aru Majutsu no Index II – 4

Don’t Mess With Index

Well now, that was a very exciting and action-packed episode, and full of interesting things.

I find it somewhat humorous to watch this episode as a Westerner. Though I was certainly not offended, I could easily see where someone might take this as anti-Catholic. I don’t think it’s meant that way – I think it’s more that in Japan, the various Christian churches are a bit more foreign and exotic than they are in the US and Europe, and thus more natural fodder for escapist action stories. In any case, as nasty as they were I felt bad for all those nuns – they were pretty much cannon fodder for the whole episode. Between Stiyl vaporizing them, the Amakusa dude absent-mindedly killing them with his sword and his female assistant taking out about a dozen with her Balsa-like spear skills, they were being dropped like a bad habit (I apologize for that).

But best of all was Index, finally showing some teeth here to silence all her critics. Her “Sheol Fear” attack had Agnese’s girls collapsing by the score. Unfortunately for her, the surviving sisters had one more trick up their sleeves – puncturing their own eardrums with daggers so they couldn’t hear Index’ song. Now that’s faith. What we’re left is a battle royale between Roman Catholics, Amakusa Catholics, Anglicans and Touma, whatever the hell he is – all over one nun who has the ability to decipher a magic book. It might not make much sense but it’s pretty entertaining to watch.


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