Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 2

I place a high value on any series that can make me laugh – that’s a rare and precious thing. And this one does it consistently with its absolutely shameless brand of ecchi humor.

I think what really makes SnO work is the total commitment the writers have to the material – they’re no hedging or sugarcoating here, just an endless stream of awesomely stupid sex jokes. This time, Tomoki decides to go to the mountains to try and use zen training to stop the spontaneous erections that continually plague him when Ikaros and Nymph are around (which as they live in his house is pretty much always). The new Angeloid we saw at the end of episode one, Astraea, follows him there with intent to eliminate him. Turns out she’s a Delta, even stronger in close combat than Ikaros – but as Nymph explains, this combat power comes at the expense of her processing power. In short, she’s a complete idiot – but a big-busted one at that, which makes Tomoki’s formidable task that make harder (pun intended). With her pratfalls and cluelessness it’s easy to see why the manga readers love Astraea – there’s comedy gold in them thar hills.

The fantastic laughs in this episode are seemingly endless. Nymph’s boobs staying tiny even as she ages herself. Tomoki’s six hells. But I think my favorite has to be the Hentai Matsuri – complete with Mikoshi and penis pops – that ensues when Ikaros revives Tomoki’s porn collection, earlier destroyed as part of his quest for purification. This series earned much acclaim for it’s legendary OP and ED sequences in the first season, and this one takes its place alongside the migrating pantsu in the legion of honor. The level of wit and creativity of SnO is only more evident when seen alongside the likes of Motto to Love Ru, which seems to have given up the ghost on all creative spark and just strings together fanservice moments like a soft-core porno with the plot parts edited out. I have tremendous respect for what this show does – it’s not easy to be funny week after week, even if you don’t go to the trouble and expense of crafting a full-fledged ED sequence with every episode.


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