Mitsudomoe – 5

I admit it – I’ve totally gone over to the dark side with this show. At some point in the last two episodes my resistance caved and I surrendered myself willingly to the raunchiness, tastelessness, meanness and outright wrongness of this entire enterprise. And I haven’t looked back. It’s as if everyone in Class 5-2 got a year older and were zapped with an evil ray.

Recaps of this series seem almost pointless – you just have to watch and take it all in. Breasts and panties and misunderstandings continued to be a recurring theme this week, and Mitsuba really took it on the chin multiple times. We were introduced to several new characters, most notably Sugisaki. She fancies herself Mitsuba’s great rival, and has a pack of groupies that follow her. And, much to Mitsuba’s dismay, is already wearing a bra – which leads to a hilarious sequence at a clothing store as she meekly surveys the bras, with Futaba in tow. Futaba teases her about wearing animal panties, and lovably clueless as ever, convinces herself that Mitsuba is there to buy “big girl” panties. But those animal panties will be back later, as part of another great sequence with Nipples, with Hitoha dismayed over losing out on Nipples’ affections to said pantsu. We have the girls comparing breast sizes at the pool, which leads to more hilarity with Futaba (“Where are the boobies?”) and finally a skit where Soujirou coming to school for parents day and Futaba and Mitsuba’s essays getting mixed up (and of course, the police). It’s all totally insane, mean-spirited and very, very funny.

And that’s the bottom line – this show is making me LOL consistently more than any other this summer. The supporting characters are getting fleshed out and developing hilarious quirks of their own and the sisters are showing themselves as more complex than it first appeared. I also love the fact that, mean as it is, this show is an equal-opportunity humiliator – everyone seems to be getting their turn in the hot seat, and none of the three sisters is immune. That’s much more interesting than seeing the same characters pissed on (in the case of this series, sometimes literally) every week.

Come over to the dark side – resistance is futile. Mitsudomoe awaits you. You might hate yourself in the morning but you’ll laugh your ass off while you’re watching.


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