Major – 148

A pretty uneventful filler ep this week, as the focus is on the September roster expansion and minor-league callups. Several old friends from the Bats get the call, including Roy’s BFF Kelloge. But Kelloge has a family emergency, and decides to retire from baseball and help out the family toy business in Louisiana. What follows is a fairly routine exercise, as the Bats alums on the Hornets travel to Memphis for Kelloge’s farewell party (except for anti-social Keene, of course) and Goro inspires Kelloge to fight for his major league chance again.

Of more import are the foreshadowing elements of the episode. The Hornets are within a game of the Coyotes at episode’s end, and the battle for the division is clearly on. Watts’ hip is getting worse, as he struggles to convert a save and finally blows one. We get our first look in a long time at Gibson Jr., arrogant as usual, who looks pleased to see Goro and the Hornets ascending. Finally, the name of the next episode is “The Creeping Shadow” – and it appears something is definitely not right with Goro. The return of shoulder issues – or the yips?

For a light-hearted ep that was basically a trifle, the ending was surprisingly foreboding. And Gibson Jr’s appearance made me think of his father, presumably still toiling in the minors. Surely he’ll have some role to play before this season is over, one assumes. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he signed with the Hornets, to take over as the closer? Hmm…


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