Asobi ni Ikuyo! – 6

It would be hard to call any episode of this show “serious”, but after the extreme silliness of the last few weeks this one qualifies. The ecchi quotient was turned down quite a bit (though not all the way) and the episode focused mostly on the relationships between the major characters.

The assist-troids get a new use this week, acting as sensors as the Catian council sits in discussion in a sauna. Turns out this is a simulator, looking suspiciously like the holodeck on the USS Enterprise. It’s also revealed the be the source of the “simulations” the Catians use to help get them through their mating season. Chaika offers it to Manami and Aoi for just that purpose (suggesting Kio’s father) but they chicken out, instead asking for (respectively) a shooting range, and a demo kitchen. Both want the full version, of course – complete with Kio. But not for that purpose. Aoi wants him as a taste tester, and Manami ostensibly to help her lift a heavy weapon. In reality, though, she ends up psychoanalyzing him in one of the more serious moments of the series – and in the process shatters all illusions that she herself isn’t in love with him, no matter how much she offers to help Aoi. Alas, it turns out that the Kio in the holodeck is a reflection of the person who summoned him – so his stated feelings can’t be trusted. Or can they…

There was some interesting stuff going on this week. First of all, Kio is nuts to have Eris under the same roof and in heat and not do anything about it. That’s anime cliche, of course, but I want to slap him. We get a greater sense than ever that Eris’ feelings aren’t just a question of being in season – she wants him, not just it. In fact, the three main girls’ cards were pretty much laid on the table here – all of them want Kio, whether they’ll admit it (Aoi and to a lesser extent Eris) or not (Manami). The question is, which one does he want? All of the enjoyably preposterous intergalactic politics and gunplay are just a supporting element to the fanservice and building up to answering that question. My money is on Manami – she’s first in line and she is Aoba, after all. But unusually for me, my rooting interest is for Eris. She’s a refreshing change from the dingbat trope that usually defines her character – one clever pussycat and sexy to boot. Plus, mate with her and it’s assistroids for life – talk about a dowry!


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