Mitsudomoe – 4

The laughs continue with another strong episode of Mitsudomoe. We pick up right where #3 left off, with another show based around the themes of panties and misunderstandings, with a strong side of boobies. It’s not quite as tightly constructed as the third episode and the laughs aren’t quite as huge, but it’s another solid effort and stamps this series as the funniest pure comedy of the summer season.

While we learn more about Yabe-chin this week, namely that he’s a virgin who’s never seen real breasts – even without his “Cherry” shirt this shouldn’t have come as a big surprise – the big players this week are Futaba and Shin-chan. Futaba is emerging as perhaps the oddest among this very odd trio of sisters. The depths of her status as a breast otaku become clear, as she hilariously draws a sketch of Yabe-chin as a sultry model with an F-cup. Her follow-up drawing – just the breasts this time – earns her the praise of the 55 year-old Principal, Toda, and a place of honor in the school hallway. She and Chiba-kun seem to become comrades-in-breasts, comparing notes and ogling jiggly manga, when the series takes a (brief) serious turn when Futaba breaks Mitsuba’s pencil case. Thus follows a fairly touching reminiscence about the origins of the case, and Futaba is consumed by guilt and hides out under Yabe-chin’s desk – paying 100 yen rent to Hitoha for the privilege. Yabe lamely protests that the space between his legs is not for rent, and soon enough we’re back to real comedy as Shin-chan and Chiba visit the triplets’ room to work on a science fair project with Futaba. This leads to a revelation about Mitsuba’s “dere” side, an impromptu soccer match, the second use of “Kuma!” in a series this week and the eventual stamping of poor Shinya – thanks to Chiba’s meddling – as a pervert.

This is pretty wild stuff – utterly tasteless and borderline obscene in parts – but dammit, it usually works. Futaba is a riot – none too bright, extremely bizarre but fundamentally a sweet person (unless you’re a frog). I’m enjoying seeing each sister get the opportunity to have their character fleshed-out in turn – and all of them are more than their rather unpleasant initial impressions would have had you believe. Chiba and Shinya are an excellent addition – Shinya’s futile attempts to be a “good boy” are hilarious and sure to lead to much consternation for him in future episodes. I’d like to see a little more done to round out Yabe’s character – perhaps a segment focusing on his background or personal life is on the way. But ultimately, this isn’t serious stuff here – just outrageous comedy that swings for the fences and sometimes misses badly. So far, though, the hits have been more frequent than the whiffs and the percentage seems to be improving every week.


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