Kuroshitsuji II – 4

We’re no closer to an explanation of just what’s happening with Ciel after episode 4, but it least it was a step-up in terms of overall quality. And for the first time since the premiere, the paths of our two sets of boys & butlers crossed – but only with Claude, not Alois.

While fluffy, the episode premise was an excuse for a rather entertaining lark on a luxury train, something of a homage to “Murder on the Orient Express”. In the process we get just about every Victorian cliche you can imagine – a mummy, bombs secretly planted on the train, a kidnapper, escaped mass murderer, a genki police inspector, and a train otaku. Even a pair of elderly Japanese tourists. And one bespectacled butler who doesn’t have much to say but catches Sebby’s eye in the dining car. It’s a motley crew of eccentrics and a confusion of chaos that would do Baccanno proud.

The strongest moments in the episode involved Sebastian’s ridiculous power-ups. Especially rewarding was the way he shot down the other passengers who were rallying together to fight all the evil (and suspected cholera) on the train) with a simple “No thanks – I can handle it myself”. In the end, of course, he does – and the takeaway from the episode is an invitation for a ball at Alois’ estate, which should prove interesting. The big questions remain – are we being set up for a “good” vs. evil battle with Sebby and Ciel against Alois and Claude? And just why the heck is Ciel still alive?


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