First Impressions – Mitsudomoe

Nipples! Nipples! Nipples!

As horrendously tasteless and mean-spirited as that was, I enjoyed it. While I found the sexual humor in Seitokai lifeless and stupid, it worked for me here. Context is everything – the innuendo was used cleverly in terms of wordplay and farcical sight gags.

Definite elements of “Hanamru Kindergarten” and “Kyou no Go no Ni” here for me – their evil, hellish reflection, anyway. Hiro Shimono is the only voice you can imagine for hapless teacher Yabe, of course – and it may be tiresome to watch him tortured by these truly evil triplets after a few eps. I hope they soften things up a bit without being too sappy about it – this show needs to be a sort of anime version of “Bad Santa” to succeed. Misogynistic and proud of it. I just want to see a tiny lowering of the evil level from the girls, not too much.

I must confess, the entire “Nipples” sequence with the hamster had me almost in tears. Yes, it achieves that rare humorous balance I treasure so highly – smart and stupid at the same time. If they can keep it up, we have a winner here.


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