Asobi ni Ikuyo! – 3

I haven’t quite figured out if this series is intentionally mixing up an endless array of styles and tropes, or it’s just really, really confused. Either way, it’s certainly interesting to look at.

An amazing amount of stuff continues to happen every episode. Things get revealed left and right – they just sort of drop from the sky (like bombshells?) and boom, there you are. Because so little of it really makes sense the plot continues to be a muddle despite all the reveals, but this week we did learn

– Futaba has some sort of telekinetic power that caused her to be estranged from her family. She was (apparently) born human.

– Kio has interesting taste in porn

– A competing race of aliens – “Doggies” has been secretly working with Earth officials to establish relations. And they don’t like the Kitties horning in on them one bit.

For me, the funniest part of the episode were the “Assisteroids” – Eris’ little helpers who communicate via placard a la Kushinashi from “Needless”. Their little antics and written communications were pretty hilarious, but the very best part was when the kidnapped #17 got strapped into a child seat in the kidnapper’s vehicle.

We’ve pretty much get everything you need here for antics – a full-on harem has moved into Kio’s house, and the naked jokes are already coming. Haruka Tomatsu is playing a big-time tsundere here that would put Aoba to shame, pretending at rooting for Futaba to win Kio but doing a bad job of it. Yet another new character and competing interest looks like its being introduced in the next episode. Asobi ni Ikuyo looks to be one of those series that logic simply doesn’t apply to – weird things are going to happen and you just have to roll with the punches. So far, so good more or less – but I feel like I want crave something a little more substantive before it’s all said and done.


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