2008 Blocks Sauvignon Blanc

We continue our tour of the cheapie aisle at TJ’s with the Blocks 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. This one hails from New Zealand’s Marlborough region, one of the world’s hot spots for Sauvignon Blancs that typically cost a lot more than this one, which tips the till at $4.99.

As one might expect from a Kiwi S.B., the nose is strongly redolent of the feline. It’s hard to explain to the non-wine geek why this is a good thing, but trust me – it is. Other aroma notes suggest hay, maybe fresh-mown grass. A typical pale straw in color, this one has a light to medium body and a slightly oily mouthfeel. On the palate is just a hint of heat – jalapeno? As well, there’s a lot of the tropical fruit. Finish is fairly long for a lighter-bodied white. All through is a nice crispness, just a hint of tart citrus fruit. 12.5% ABV, another very nice summer wine from TJ’s that will pair nicely with chicken, fish or even spicier Eastern fare.


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