Working! 12

Late to the party, I thought I would briefly blog on this series, as we’re getting ready for the final episode.

Though the preview was a bit of a bait-and-switch – we got an Inami ep disguised as a Poplar ep – it was still outstanding. Takaniashi’s little sister still thinks he’s into S & M, Poplar still wants to see him in drag, Inami still punches (and now, kicks) him, and Souma and Yamada merely want to cause as much trouble as possible.

This series has generally been a delight from the get-go. While too much of the focus has fallen on one of my least-favorite characters – Inami – all of the characters here are funny and interesting enough that the show is always a good watch. I don’t want to ship Poplar and Takanashi so much as just see more of her – she’s so damn cute and hilarious at the same time. And we did see a little more of Poplar here – her vivid over-imagination especially. Her zany idea to tie Inami’s arms nearly robbed Takanashi of the possibility of fatherhood, but it was a great gag. Meanwhile, her hair-brained scheming lands the poor guy in a date with Inami. While Souma maliciously argues that Takanashi should cross-dress for the date, he boldly decides to risk his life by dressing as a guy – albeit one whose shirt was designed my M.C. Escher, apparently. Quite the set-up for the finale.


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