Weekly Digest: 10/30/11 – Shakugan no Shana III, C3, Gundam AGE

Shakugan no Shana – 04 Well, that’s more like it.  After a couple of frankly pretty sleepy episodes, Shana finally kicks into high hear with a fast-paced, well-animated episode that was very reminiscent of the first season.  The throwdown between Yuji and Shana was interesting, but really only the tip […] Read more

Weekly Digest: 10/24/11 – Gundam AGE, C3, Majikoi

Gundame AGE – 03 Nothing terribly groundbreaking in this week’s episode of Gundam AGE.  Just about everything one might have predicted would happen did.  Commander Bruzar sacrificed himself for the colony, though the specifics were interesting.  Thank goodness there happened to be an extra command center after the first one […] Read more