Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 23

We’re racing towards the end of Kyoukai no Rinne S3 at an alarming pace, and even an arch-typical episode like this one is enough to remind me how much I’ll miss it when its gone.  This show always makes me laugh, without fail, at least a few times in every episode.  It’s surprised me with sequel announcements before and Rumiko is still at it, so who knows what the future might hold?  But I’m still going to worry.

  • If anyone in this series is less trustworthy than Sabato, it would have to be Refuto and Raito.
  • “Good Luck Wax” created by the Mikazuki twins, and used by Anime’s greatest schlimazel, Rinne-kun?  Who could have guessed that wouldn’t end up being good luck at all…
  • Seriously – stealing coins out of a donation box has to be as bad as karma gets.  Sabato-san really is Mr. Bad Example.
  • If you don’t get suspicious when someone sells you a coat for 20 Yen, you really need to rethink your life.
  • Shinto really is a fascinating belief system.
  • “Maneko” and “Kotomi”?  Oh dear, I lost it when Jumonji pointed that out.  The Japanese and their puns…
  • As if that weren’t enough – “ushiro“?  Squeezing English and Japanese puns that horrible into one chapter is Rumiko at her best (and worst).
  • All that goat trivia – and then “I’m not going to explain the sticker again, since I did it earlier”.  The Narrator was this week’s MVP.
  • As one watches Rinne for a while, they begin to realize just how many in this cast are actually A-holes.  But somehow, Kain pisses me off more than any of them.





  1. M

    After Abyss, this is a palate cleanser. And next week Rinne-mama is back so that’s something to look forward to.

  2. G

    I just hope before this series ends we finally get to see Sabato get whats coming to him. A nice long prison sentence… say about 1000 years.

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