Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 22

I think it’d probably be fair to say this season of Kyoukai no Rinne has been more inconsistent than the second (which I would rank as the best overall).  But it seems to have found its happy zone over the last month or so, with a string of vintage Rinne short episodes that recall some of the best the series has produced over its run.  With a show that’s the very definition of episodic like Rinne, its naturally only going to be as good as the individual chapters.

  • Any proposition from Sabato is a dubious proposition, sight unseen.
  • Seriously – Onee-san’s name is “Bijin”?  Did we know that already?
  • Rokumon-chan is such a cheap date…
  • That whole “hates to be touched” thing is no exaggeration.  Feral cats can wear their hard-earned caution on their sleeves sometimes.
  • Allergic?  Of course.  But the nice thing about all this was that everyone was worried for everyone else, not themselves (except Rokumon, of course).
  • Sansei-kun and Rokumon featuring in the same chapter is a kawaii overload of epic proportions.
  • “Let’s bury him”?  Seriously, that got really dark really fast.
  • Cats and cardboard boxes…  Yeah, that could hardly be more true – they can’t resist them.
  • Why do the Japanese love stamp rallies so much, anyway?



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  1. Z

    I always enjoy the episodes that focus on the cats.

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