Tsurezure Children – 05

How much mileage can a series get out of miscommunication? That seems to be the question Tsurezure Children is asking, and the answer so far is “quite a lot”.  Basically this show takes every cliche situation from manga/anime romcom and turns it up to 11, which in theory should be pretty annoying (and sometimes is).  But somehow it kind of works, because the truth of the matter is that most of those cliches are grounded in enough reality to have a little traction.  And what Tsurezure does is take them so far that they bypass annoying and loop back around to amusing, for the most part.

It remains a challenge for me to keep all these kids straight, and I’m not absolutely sure I’m right when I say we haven’t met the first couple this week.  This is another pair of friends who want to be more (though seemingly not childhood friends, in this case).  Both are keen on the other but natch, neither knows it – and as we join them here, they’re torturing themselves via text.  In her case she’s deciding whether it’s a shitty move to confess via text, though she’s sure she doesn’t have the nerve to do it in person.  He’s more or less playing defense, but thinking along the same lines.  This is funny in a painful way, I would say – especially the way it’s “resolved”.  I’m more or less optimistic that these two will figure it out, though,

Next up we return to the Astronomy Club drama, but with a twist.  The first-year boy the new prez has brought in has a crush on her (we kind of knew that) but his osananajimi (this series’ favorite trope, for sure) has joined too – and has a crush on him.  Things move pretty quickly in this orbit – the childhood friend girl has sussed out what’s going on with the boy and the prez, and she’s not a happy astronomer.  She’s gone to a lot of trouble to try and reel him in (even intentionally following him to the same school) but he never picked up the signals (his mom knew, of course).  The girl moves quickly here, out of necessity in her mind – it’ll be very interesting to see how this one untangles.

Finally (though the osananajimi couple take a brief encore) we have another couple I’m pretty sure is new.  They’ve past the confession stage (she saw to that) but are failing miserably at being a couple.  Which, really, is understandable – neither really knows how.  Eventually the girl is convinced her boyfriend is going to break up, but he’s just owning his uselessness as a boyfriend – this is is what passes for a happy ending on Tsurezure, I think.


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    Both of the ones you said were new are actually returning. Although they only had one skit each in the first episode (I think) so it’s no surprise if you’ve forgotten them. The first two have the recurring gag of the failed confession, and the second two have that “completely talk past each other” thing (which is strangely similar to that other couple that shows up more regularly).

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