Hunter X Hunter 368

I’m surprised the absence of a new Hunter X Hunter chapter last week didn’t set the ‘Dragon Quest” morons in the peanut gallery off on a sarcastic rant about Togashi (maybe it did, and I just missed it), but for the record, all of Weekly Shounen Jump took the week off.  And there was an interesting tidbit of news – an old unpublished two-chapter manga of Togashi’s called Akuten Wars is going to be released in Grand Jump Premium.  It will be presented as a co-authored work with junior mangaka Mizuni Hachi, who I assume took something unfinished and polished it up for release.  That ought to be interesting as a curiosity, at the very least – and my God, what an honor for an aspiring manga artist that is.

Meanwhile, shit is getting real aboard the Black Whale.  Let’s start with Kurapika, who’s now been using Emperor Time for three hours.  I’m not good with math (well – pretty good, but not that good), but even if Kurapika says his fatigue is a bigger problem than his shortened lifespan, that lifespan is a pretty big fucking problem.  As Biscuit later tells Hanzo (yes, they show up at long last) “resting is also part of the job” – but that’s clearly not a lesson Kurapika has taken to heart.

Queen Oito is really the standout presence of this chapter.  I suspect she’s not long for the world, but she’s proved herself to be a strong and opinionated woman.  One could take issue with her choice to drop her cover when her cockroach-vision showed her Prince Momoze being murdered in her bedroom, but Oito certainly has ideals.  And “to hell with strategy when someone is being murdered” is clearly one of them.  Is it possible to survive thinking that way in the world of Hunter X Hunter – especially the unspeakably violent and depraved one its evolved into?  I wouldn’t think so, but she does at least have one of the strongest monsters in that world on her side (even if he is currently unconscious).

The other local who’s made a big name for himself is Tserriednich, who more and more is looking like a potential big bad.  He’s learned Gyo in a matter of hours, which of course alarms the hell out of Theta (who likewise has made a big impression).  And (most likely) Bill has made her life much more difficult by offering to teach Tserriednich Nen in two weeks (“Therein lies the problem” indeed) for strategic purposes.  Theta has done her best to slow her boss down, but he’s simply too gifted – and too suspicious – for her to succeed.  If Oito’s fate seems perilous, Theta’s is barely hanging by a thread…



  1. M

    Oito’s face looked a lot like Pouf’s this chapter.

  2. Even with the absence of Gon and Killua, I have to say this arc is pretty damn great. There really isn’t anyone around that writes like Togashi does.

  3. I still think they’re badly missed, though. And it seems unlikely they’ll be involved in this arc at all.

  4. I feel you!
    It’s hard for me to find any interest in myself while reading knowing they’re not around. Even though I doubt they’d reunite soon seeing how they separated ways, but someone (obviously names are a problem in this arc) in ch359 mentioned Morel and Knov managing traffic of goods on a small relay point island, but needing 2 or 3 more people to help with transportation.
    Gon and Killu along with Alluka fit there in my hopeful opinion.

  5. Y

    It’s so nice to have HxH and GoT be distributed simultaneously 2 times in a row – this year and the last.

    Also, It’s been brought to my attention that Tserried and Theta were situated in 8th Prince Salé-Salé’s room at the end of this chapter?

  6. Y

    Kurapika, my man, my dude, my bro, what the SHIT are you doing???? I seriously hate this, how many years of his life has he lost at this point again?

  7. By my count 60 seconds x 60 seconds x 3 hours / 24 days = 450 days.

  8. B

    I don’t know if you noticed, but the chapter showed room 1008 right before we say Tserriednich and Theta, which would be Salé-salé’s room. I’m guess that means the drop of blood at the end of the chapter is either his, or all of his courtesans.

  9. Nope, didn’t notice it – but I think we can assume he’s done.

  10. M

    I honestly think it’s just a – gasp – mistake on Togashi’s side.

  11. h

    I don’t think many writers will say fuck it to his main character,you’re out of the story and without your nen too
    maybe we got the wrong impression,the series is titled HunterxHunter not Gon (aka;naruto)

    but if you look at it,Gon actually fulfilled his premise,found his dad and ended his journey by losing his nen dueto his recklessness and impulsiveness,that has been shown throughout the series

    even Ging comment to gon was((,find what you can do as you’re now)) and ((that he can’t ask for more)),dont know where Togashi will be heading with the story when he gets back to Gon in 50 years

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