Hunter X Hunter – 367

It’s kind of a classic Togashi semi-troll this week.  Make a cockroach the key to everything?  Why not – at the very least we’re not going to get it mixed up with any of the other thousand or so new characters this arc has introduced.  I’m just glad we got chimera ants instead of chimera roaches – even at this size they kind of freak me out.

We have a definite new power player here in Babimaina, the replacement for Vincent as Woble’s “bodyguard”, but really of course a spy for First Prince Benjamin.  He’s present for Kurapika’s explanation of Nen to Tubeppa’s soldier, which means he’s also present for Kurapika and Bill trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes when it comes to Queen Oito’s borrowed ability.  Babimaina is calm under pressure, possessed of a strong Nen presence, and not easily fooled.

The key moment here comes when a cockroach is sighted, finally giving Kurapika (who’s been in Emperor Time for frighteningly long already) to put his plan into action.  But that requires a rather intricate improvization to convince the others that it’s actually Bill (who thankfully proves himself very quick on his feet) manipulating the cockroach and not the queen. She proves herself pretty sporting too, feigning horror at the sight of the vermin and demanding that it be disposed of out of her sight.  If either of these two is not up to the challenge, the jig is up – even as is, Babihaima has figured out that there’s something going on with the cockroach being manipulated.

The moment everyone will be counting down towards, of course, is the meeting of Kurapika and Chrollo – or at least their becoming aware of each other (or even one of them doing so).  But I suspect it may be a while yet before that happens – I think he have multiple layers of preliminary skirmishes and machinations to go through before that major event.



  1. M

    Would’ve been an intriguing scenario if Kurapika was forced to secure a spider for Little Eye… and thus forced to show constraint against his natural reflexes while balancing this complex political mess & altercations with Bhavimania on top. Neat occasion, but oh well.

    I guess a cockroach is funnier. And I can’t erase my mental image of Bill being such a flashy, showy conman on a cockroach – it’s like we’re witnessing petty fraud. “And with my secret power, I shall command this cockroach! Wait and you shall witness THE COCKROACH!”

    I’m actually counting down the mind games that’ll occur between Tserriednich & Kurapika after Kurapika invites to teach him nen (as well as the other 12 princes). Tserriednich will most likely turn the opportunity down, with Theta at his side, prompting Kurapika to think that he has Nen already. Though Kurapika & Chrollo becoming aware of each other will quite surely put a halt to this entire succession war, at least for a while.

    Also, Chimera Roaches… Hmm. That’s an interesting variation.

  2. M

    Also, I think the next dinner banquet will be this mini-arc’s climax.
    I wonder if Halkenburg’s beast offers him foresight of the future while he sleeps, and if the massacre of his bodyguards is supposed to be correlated to Sale-Sale’s plan, which “will change the world at the next dinner banquet”, which is within a week.
    Thinking about it, Halkenburg does dream about it AFTER returning from a dinner banquet. I’m sensing a correlation. I think it has something to do with Camilla as well.

  3. Only Togashi can make catching a cockroach this entertaining.
    Not sure if it has been posted in the comments section before, but this chart was pretty helpful for me to get up to speed with everything again(especially right after the hiatus):

  4. Even the chart is exhausting to keep up with…

  5. M

    You have to wonder how the man can create such an intricate web.
    Glasses-kun is a low-key intrigue of mine as far as DC Arc goes.

  6. Y

    Hmm, not too fond of whoever made that using the word “trap”

    Nitpick: And forcing that Hisoka meme

  7. O

    I’m kinda curious to see how far the 4th Prince makes it in his nen training. I know that he’s a genius and all, but would this arc be too soon for him to develop his Hatsu? I get the feeling that his teacher will try to withhold the water divination which reveals your nen affinity as long as possible, although it is almost certain he’ll be a specialist. If his nen training is left incomplete, he might become the main villain of a different arc, maybe hinting he’ll either win or abandon the succession war.

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