Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – 19

Words like “filler” and “anime-original” are tossed around pretty freely by anime fans, almost always in derision.  But the staff of Boku no Hero Academia seem to have (rightly) earned a lot of credibility with the series’ fans, judging by the generally positive response to the announcement of this episode’s theme.  It’s probably fair to say that most of us go into an episode like this with out expectations a bit lower than usual, even in a series as strongly produced as this one – and it’s probably also fair to say that was probably justified in this case.  It’s not a criticism – just reality.

Truthfully, this episode feels more like an OVA than a series episode, and arguably would have been better served as one.  But still, I don’t see any net loss here – I mean, a lot of series have had breaks over these last two weeks do to the track and field world championships, so a filler ep isn’t such a bad thing.  And the last arc (like most of them in BnHA) was so intense that it’s nice to have a break to catch our breaths.  Horikoshi-sensei seems to sense this and often inserts one in the manga in fact, though he didn’t in this case – and while the content of the episode is original, it could actually be argued to be canon in that some of that content was later referenced without actually being shown.

In the end, what this episode was more than anything was a fanservice episode.  It was advertised in a manner reflecting its title – “Everyone’s Internships” – but truthfully, it was almost entirely about Tsuyu’s internship.  And of the spontaneous “Froppy!  Froppy!” chants that broke out at the Boku no Hero panel at Anime Expo are any indicator, she’s a remarkably popular character.  I like Froppy myself (though I like almost all the characters here, and Ochako a bit more than Tsuyu probably) but I’d personally have preferred getting a longer look at everyone’s week rather than a single-minded focus on Tsuyu’s.

One of the best parts of this episode was the choice of the irreplaceable Seki Tomokazu as Selkie, the “spotted seal” hero who’s in charge of Froppy’s internship (yes, he was mentioned in the manga – though not shown).  No one can do that GAR-dork combo the way Seki can, and Selkie is a lot of fun (Tsuyu certainly finds him adorkable).  Also cute is Sirius (Koshimizu Ami), who’s the one mostly in charge of showing Tsuyu the ropes (literally, in some cases) of life at sea aboard Selkie’s ship.  One could argue that the story itself contradicts some of the lessons of the Hosu Incident, as regards unlicensed hero cadets acting on their own – but that’s a pretty minor quibble.  The whole smuggler premise was amusingly forgettable, but my favorite part was that the Cthulhu-like villain wore a watch on one of his tentacles.  Like I said, it’s all fine and good but next week: back to serious business.



  1. M

    I actually had a different opinion than you on this episode, mostly; as far as it being a “fanservice episode goes”.
    I saw, through their internships, three characters being set up for future events: Katsuki, Ochako, and Tsuyu.


    Also, I think I noticed something interesting: Innsmouth is an American villain acting as a drug smuggler on the Japanese Coast. You noticed him speaking English? Or at least, a Japanese Villain with connections to America.

    Also, though as I mentioned in the pastebin — I think the set-up was well done for Tsuyu, I sorta hopped this episode would be more about natural disasters and their prevention/rescue plan, rather than cliche villain action. It suits Tsuyu’s intended line of work better, and her altruistic character as a whole too, in my opinion.

  2. G

    I do feel like that ‘gero, gero’ stuff grates when she’s front and center like she was this episode. I feel like Tsuyu works better when she’s popping up to deliver a few one-liners. The new heroes had a pretty strong showing too, though I was wishing Mick had managed to do something besides get oiled and then he’s out of the fight.

    It was kind of weird that Gunhead sounded like he was treating the thing with the knife like a demonstration fight, but then it looked like he and Ochako were doing solo training. I dunno, maybe he just talks like that all the time.

  3. G

    Froppy is one of my favorite characters in this series. She is voiced perfectly by the great Aoi Yuki. The gero gero stuff is in line with what her character should be like.

  4. H

    Thinking about it now.
    If the police chief announced that Stain was taken down by children,
    I wonder if the villains would still be as awestruck by him?
    As far as they know it took the might of the #2 hero as well as a few others in order to finally bring him down.
    I feel like thats basically giving him validation.
    Can we call this another failing of their system?

  5. A very good point.

  6. O

    “One could argue that the story itself contradicts some of the lessons of the Hosu Incident, as regards unlicensed hero cadets acting on their own”

    I don’t think that applies here since Sirius gave tsuyu permission to help while the others were not told to do anything.

  7. N

    And also tsuyu didn’t hurt anybody on this episode either. unlike how the trio knocked out stain

  8. She did, the point is that whereas in Hosu heroes were extremely careful about their interns (to the point of not wanting them to act even when there was risk of life for someone), here Sirius happily sends Tsuyu into action against a bunch of potentially dangerous criminals for no reason at all. They could have played it far more carefully, instead she risked serious harm for what? Catching some nobody smuggler? They could have just kept their distance and kept an eye on them until Sealkie showed up to kick their ass. Sirius is perfect for recognition. Tsuyu was the only combat capable hero-ish person on board, which makes it ridiculous they’d rely on her. They didn’t even signal Selkie their position before attacking and putting themselves into trouble. That’s beyond reckless.

  9. J

    A BnHA post *without* a Togashi mention?! It’s entirely appropriate with this episode being anime-original, but I didn’t realize how badly I needed my referential (deferential?) fix.

    I felt like I had a better read on this episode than many others so far, which probably attests to the more singularly-focused narrative away from the main characters. But even an episode of BnHA that isn’t top drawer (a rarity in itself) is better than, well, almost everything else. I’d doff my cap to whoever thought of Innsmouth’s name/quirk though – that was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.

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