Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 16

It’s a full episode of Annette-sensei this time on Kyoukai no Rinne, though sadly Sawashiro Miyuki’s “Mieru!” is still nowhere to be found.  This series by now has a staggeringly huge cast of comic characters, and most of them are idiots in way or the other, so there’s really almost no limit to the bakayorocity it can generate.  When you’re operating on that level, you can fine-tune things to the level of just what sort of idiocy you want to highlight, and Annette brings her special breed of it to the table.

The thing about Annette-sensei is that she’s not dumb by any means – she’s actually quite clever at manipulating things to get what she wants.  Which is to say, not to have to do any work and to have nice things, because she’s incredibly cheap and incredibly lazy.  In that sense the peep ball is the perfect magical item for her as it enables her obsessions with sloth and greed.  But if that weren’t enough, she gets her hands on a snakeskin wallet (insert) – which apparently in Japan is a symbol of perpetual wealth.  The problem is she mistakes it for salmon skin and tosses it at the local donut shop, which angers the snake God.

Rinne-kun seems to have finally lucked into a good situation here – not only is he hired by the donut shop to address the problems the angry wallet (stuck inside the dustbin) is causing, Annette-sensei buys him donuts and coffee (and Mamiya Sakura and Jumonji, too) – her usual cheapness being warped into extravagance by the snake God.  My favorite moment here is Rokudo’s desperate protection of his tray when the God attacks – he at least saves his donuts and gets paid by the manager, though once Annette-sensei returns to herself she stiffs him on his purification invoice.

Finally, Masato – surely one of the biggest idiots of the lot by any standard – drops by, and you know with both he and Annette involved it’s going to be a baka-fest that ends poorly for Rokudo.  He decides to curse the peep ball, and then to unleash hell on Annette’s house – though it must be pointed out that with her mother and grandmother on an onsen vacation, she’s already done a swell job of that herself.  To be honest I’m not so sure the cursed peep ball is all that different than the regular one, as its predictions seem to cause nothing but trouble – but at least Rinne isn’t the only one who ends up luckless this time…


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