Tsuki ga Kirei – 6.5 (Recap Episode)

As you most likely know, this was a recap episode for Tsuki ga Kirei.  That sucks, but the good news is that the series is still slated to be 12 episodes (13 if you include the recap), so it seems likely we’ll get an actual ending without having to wait for the Blu-rays.  As recap eps go, this was pretty standard stuff – no additional footage or anything like that, so don’t feel like you’d be missing anything if you skip it (though you might just want to watch the OP closely).  But this show is at the level where I’d be tempted to rewatch it, so seeing the first half play out again was actually kind of entertaining.



  1. H

    I’m glad I followed your advice and watched the opening credits. I was just going to skip the episode all-together because I cannot stand recap episodes and then I would have missed such a beautiful piece of animation. I hope they decide to use this as the opening for the rest of the series.

  2. S

    This isn’t my usual type of show but I love the colours in it!

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