Weekly Digest 11/12/16 – Watamodou, Drifters

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – 06

The more unpleasant social implications of Watamodou were largely put aside this week, as we got an episode mostly devoted to straight=up comedy.  And I think it worked very well – it was a nice break from all the stark depiction of shallowness and teenage self-involvement.

This ep was a parody all the way, centered around a very thinly-disguised Touken Ranbu take-off called “Katchu Ranbu” (Katchu being Japanese for “armor”).  Both Kae and Shima are obsessed with it, especially the retainer character Akane.  But as with algebra, in BL which character goes on which side of the “X” makes a big difference, and the two fujoshi are in diametric opposition when it comes to Akane and his Lord.  Yes, it’s a dreaded reverse shipping war – something I imagine has ended many otaku friendships in real life.

This is pure farce for the most part, and very amusing.  My favorite part was Amane trying to explain what “pitcher and catcher” meant to Iga and Nana – but it pretty much all worked.  It all boils down to a fanfiction battle, which Shima naturally wins – though I’d dispute the notion that a professional amateur beating a non-writer proves much about which ship the fanbase believes in.  Thank goodness for versatility, I guess.  And by the way, Shinomiya apparently has a giant iguana for a pet


Drifters – 06

At this point I’m mostly watching Drifters for Nobunaga, because despite his being arguably the most played-out historical figure in anime, this take on him feels fresh and believable.  The rest of the story is interesting enough, but it still ends up feeling like a cross between a light novel and a historical VN or RPG.

Oda is, in a sense, the perfect vessel for Hirano Kouta’s rudderless moral philosophy, because he was probably as pure an advocate of power for its own sake as any ruler in the modern era.  Hirano shows us just enough of Oda’s humanity to keep him relatable, but constantly reminds us of his cold cleverness and strategic genius.  When it comes to slaughtering the soldiers who raped the elf women, Oda realizes it’s important that it be he rather than Toyohisa that gives the order.  He’s not thinking of Toyohisa’s soul here – he simply understands what Toyohisa’s persona with the elves needs to be.

The other interesting thing that comes out of this episode is the introduction of the late founder of the Orte empire (via one of the creepiest portraits ever).  I assume this is Hitler, which if true is certainly going to put to the test just how far Drifters is willing to extend this valueless take on history and conquest.  Given Oda’s historical track record I wouldn’t feel too confident in betting on the Elves’ future, since they’re little more than pieces on the shogi board to him.  I guess that’s why Toyohisa has to be the nominal protagonist of this series, and history tells us that given present developments, he’s likely to be another in a long line of betrayers of Oda Nobunaga sooner or later.



  1. I’m not particularly fond of seeing another Hitler character in anime… What are the odds of him still being alive in the show?

  2. d

    well they say he killed himself(really I think someone killed him) so he is left as a inspiration model like a founding father of the empire .

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