First Impressions – ClassicaLoid

I have no idea what that was or why it exists, but I quite enjoyed it.

classicaloids-01-1After the pre-open of ClassicaLoid, I was convinced that it was the greatest anime ever made.  Then I heard Kaji Yuuji as Mozart, and suddenly I was sure it was the worse anime ever made.  20 minutes later, and it seems to be somewhere in the middle. There’s an awful lot to like here and in the end, I had a good time with it for the most part.  But it does seem as if ClassicaLoid might be leaving some potential on the table.  We’ll see.

classicaloids-01-2One thing I do sort of love about anime is that series like this get made, you know?  It’s completely random craziness, and it mostly works.  That cold open is a perfect example, introducing the four main cast members in a screaming-frenetic montage of quick cuts to the strains of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from his Ninth Symphony.  None of it makes any sense whatsoever yet somehow, looking back, it was the perfect introduction to ClassicaLoid – because that about 90% describes the whole series.

classicaloids-01-3In brief, what we seem to have here is this: a girl named Kanae lives in a run-down mansion which belonged to her grandmother.  She has a childhood friend named Sousuke who’s kind of a classic slacker doofus, who’s filled one of the rooms at the mansion (which is about to be torn down, by the way) with his junk.  For some reason modern spins on Mozart and Beethoven live with Kanae, and Beethoven is obsessed with making gyoza while Mozart generally fools around and makes an idiot of himself.  And there’s an old steam organ which never plays, above which hangs a painting of a ball from the mansion’s long-gone glory days.

classicaloids-01-4The overarching premise of Kanae’s attachment to the old house is fairly well portrayed, and she and Sousuke come off as pretty likeable kids.  Beethoven as portrayed by Sugita Tomokazu is a winner – a mad scientist type (I still don’t quite get the gyoza thing) obsessed with fate and spectacle.  Mozart is pretty much a write-off, sadly (a shame as he’s both the greatest talent and greatest character among the classical giants) – like a caricature of a caricature of him that doesn’t really even exist.  There’s also a slightly effete male Siri who lives in Sousuke’s tablet and is played by Ishida Akira, a shoebill with a scarf who lives on the roof, and apparently the Gendou Ikari figure behind whatever conspiracy brought these figures to 21st Century Japan is Bach.  Naturally, it had to be Bach.

classicaloids-01-5If all that weren’t enough to convince you how whack-a-doodle all this is, it’s directed by Fujita Yoichi of Osomatsu-san and Gintama fame.  He obviously knows screwball comedy, and apart from the misguided portrayal of Mozart (about 70% of which isn’t even Kaji’s fault) he strikes the right notes here.  I love the manic energy and the creative use of classical pieces, the dialogue is pretty funny and there are even touching moments here and there.  The production is obviously done on the cheap but Yoichi is enough of a stylist to turn that into if not an advantage, at least an opportunity.  ClassicaLoids is good, wacky fun, and there’s enough here to give me hope it might even end up being a little more than that.  But I sure wish they’d gotten Mozart right…



  1. I suspect the REAL Mozart would not have been suitable for anime XD. Far too much of a potty mouth XD.

  2. e

    Funny you mention that about the preop . I had a rather similar reaction to yours – I’d also include the OP itself among the early highlights. Sneak those famous paintings among the crazy, yo! – in that the episode didn’t work as well in places – and Amadeus as a candy pink braided mahou manic pixie bishie sadly felt more of a miss – but the rollercoaster ended on a decently high note.
    Furthermore we have a shoebill! What’s with this shoebill anime love lately? Given the vaguely mahou shonen flavour I’m smelling on top of burnt gyoza please let it be revealed the bird is magic mascot. Or just milk the mascot bait to its wacky extremes pleeeease.
    – Evil Mastermind/Boss Bach is sort of hawt. Actually he reminds me a bit more of the glorious camp tradition from too many Seventies anime. Shades Of Evil (or Aznable) alright but do not forget the sacred Cape Of Power&Darkness.
    – Re: why gyoza? Personally I took it as a spoof of supah dupah cooking shonen series – quest of ultimate flavour unleash! Extreme techniques! – but do we really need a reason? We don’t need a reason. Don’t think, feel!
    – Btw Ludwig mein Liebe you are such a giant thundering ham. Wrapped in a Karamatsu leather jacket. ( I can smell the Mai Buroza! :,D Or maybe it was the toilet humour whiff… Talking of which I love how this works both as a link to Osomatsu-san and to Mozart’s RL epistolary penchant for scatology ).
    – By.The.Way. So many hints at Fate yet no Symphony No. 5 cue when Beethoven uttered the ‘ Fate knocking’? Aw.
    – I got the impression Osananajimi Boy can’t play at all but he’s wicked at air guitar. Ahah.
    – Bishified Schubert glimpse! I am ok with that! It feels like a karmic regard of sort for the fellow. This universe Liszt on the other hand… ooooh boy-not.

  3. T

    OK, there’s gotta be a conspiracy or something
    – Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
    – Joker Game
    – Time Travel Shoujo
    – 91 Days
    – Drifters
    – Shuumatsu no Izetta
    – Cassicaloids

    2016 has been a good year of history and anime fans.

    – Also, the change of music from Ode of Joy to Beethoven’s fifth literally had me stopping the video and laughing out loud

  4. D

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show but I found it to be entertainingly silly, and the whole mecha organ thing had me laughing my socks off.

    I have no idea where they’re going with this, but if it stays this bizarre it’s going to be a must watch for me.

  5. s

    Kaji yuuki brings puts a damper on everything for you huh? well trust me you havent seen the worst of it this season until you’ve watch occult;nine….sigh

  6. Funny thing was in the end, my problem was much more with the character design and the way he was written than the performance. I love Mozaet above anyone else in music, and that’s a pretty big misstep in my book.

  7. s

    oh yea definitely; As i fan of classical music myself i can relate to your pain plus i caught onto that part about the character writing of mozart being the thing that bugged you more, i just felt like i had to warn you of what’s to come if you havent seen occult;nine yet. Literally had to watch the very good season premiere of ajin just to wash the taste out my mouth

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