Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! – 11

binan-koukou-2-11-1Credit where it’s due – Takamatsu and Yokote-senseis have really mastered the art of upping the ante this year.  They started by establishing what looked like a barely-changed version of last year’s format, then proceeded to deconstruct it thoroughly.  And since then, they’ve managed to top themselves time after time when it comes to plain old preposterousness.  And the series has really thrived for that – I guess you could call it “preposperity”.

binan-koukou-2-11-3For starters, this week seems to eliminate any doubt that the Beppu twins are indeed space teens – or at the very least, teens who used to live in space.  They enjoyed their time on Earth, and who could blame them?  They could blend in there, and they had tennis legend Maximum Goran to watch over them.  Whereas in Andromeda (where they have to relocate after their dad is transferred) they’re bullied and mocked for their human appearance and emotional ties to Goran.  So their current kidnapping of Gora makes sense from their perspective – and I love the creepy stalkerism they exhibit where Gora is concerned (“I want to tie him up.” “Well, I want him to slap me.” “You have weird tastes!”).

binan-koukou-2-11-4Seeking new ways to blow up the premise, Yokote and Takamatsu turn to some old friends here, starting with the Seitoukai.  They’re happily studying (Shakespeare and Latin) in London, but a parade of ill omens (to Westerners) convinces Kin-chan that bad things are about to befall At-chan.  And when Atsushi doesn’t answer his mail (because his sumaho has fallen into the toilet) Kinshirou actually bundles his mates on a plan and takes off for Japan – which, as it turns out, is a very good thing.

binan-koukou-2-11-5This is when (believe it or not) things start to get really silly.  First off Dadacha shows up for no reason to gloat an tell the Battle Lovers exactly what’s going on with Gora.  That allows them to capture and torture him (enough to get him to pee himself) into leading them to VEPPer and Coffin Prince Goran.  There anime battle cliches are traded ruthlessly until another old friend, Zundar, shows up.  He’s been demoted to a bean-counter role and is struggling to meet his child support payments – which he confides to Dadacha, who turns out to be his younger brother.  How are a porcupine and a flying squirrel brothers, you may ask?  You may ask it, but I don’t have any answers.

binan-koukou-2-11-6The rest is just pure silliness, as Zundar declares his big comeback as a producer by staging an idol battle between VEPPer and Battle Lovers, with the home audience deciding the winners with their votes (which turn into attacks against the other competitor).  Things are looking grim until Kin-chan and friends in Caerula Adamas arrive to save the day, and we’re left with what looks like a monster showdown in next week’s finale.  This one is going to be tough to top – but like Journey, I don’t stop believing anymore where Binan Koukou is concerned.  They’ll pull it off somehow.






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    – The twins might still get that wish of theirs granted: the Slap’ O’ Reason is a revered anime classic… possibly with some Axe Of Informed Consent on top. ClueAxe?
    – That jab at smartphone addiction and at the idol&hero combos >D.
    – Ryu’s S streak rising his wooden head(s)! But Yufuin is still the quickest to act in times of need! XD Wouldn’t all of that qualify as animal cruelty though?
    – I need a Like button to abuse in the CA trio’s favour. They have the best fuku of the lot by far. And Perlite is the prettiest of them all! I want his fabulous locks T^T . Mah pretties! Go Fight Win!
    – Dadacha in hammy posh accent announcer mode is such a delight. I had been missing that part of his skills and performance lately :,). Less hairless teens songs, more furry audioporn onegai! Where’s that Like button again?
    – I’m still fuzzy about how Kin-chan&Co. retained their powers – did Zundar forget to revoke them last season? Maybe he just did not get the chance provided his demotion and his familial woes… –
    – Talking of the ZunDada family my bets are on alien interspecies adoption . There must be at least 32×2*** pages of backstory about that somewhere I’m sure. ***they’re not mooks ^^

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    Love the reviews and comments here. It’s odd that this show is so ignored, as it’s one of if not the funniest comedy anime I’ve seen.

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