Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! – 08

I’m feeling pretty under the weather at the moment, so the next couple of posts are going to be short ones.  The nice thing is that Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! always, without fail, makes me feel good.  It’s so sharp and cute and perfectly balanced between being really nice and just a little bit edgy that it’s hard to resist.  I hate to keep repeating myself about that, but it’s true – this is Summer 2016’s entry into a very auspicious pantheon of delightful, quirky comedy manga adaptations that grace our screen for a cour and then are gone like a morning mist when the afternoon sun breaks out.

My favorite moments this week:

  • “Amigo!”  Why amigo, of all words?
  • That whole business with the door of the secret storeroom – I love the way Usami affectionately teases Uchimaki for being scrawny just enough to get a rise out of him.
  • Colette walking away with her earbuds in.
  • Seriously – could Yumeko-sensei be any more useless?
  • Bob.
  • Mizuki snapping at Uchimaki-kun and Imari to be quiet because she didn’t like hearing them having fun together, then realizing it was infinitely worse to have them be quiet.  That was so spot-on it isn’t even funny (except it was).
  • “Go” – in all its forms.  First, Imari calling out to Subaru while he’s in the boy’s room, and the guys walking by – it’s nice to see her have a normal human moment of embarrassment.  Then, Imari taking five (go) steps when she didn’t know who Van Gogh was.  And finally, of course, Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings being the clue (I hope you got it as quickly as I did).
  • The “treasure“, Mizuki’s reaction to seeing it, and later Uchimaki and Mizuki’s embarrassment.  Well – those are 2-D girls, so I guess Subaru would be OK with noticing them (and it looks like they’ll be making a return appearance next week).


  1. Well, one of Colette’s nonsensical shenanigans involving that model is about Shou and Bob, and since the painted head resembles a Mexican, him calling his “amigo” (friend) is what came to Mizuki’s mind when looking at it…. maybe? XD

  2. Well… Who knows. It would certainly never have occurred to me to think that if you hadn’t mentioned it.

  3. Its too bad for Usami that the treasure wasn’t a proper bust…

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