Cheer Danshi!! – 05

Cheer Danshi - 05 -1So Cheer Danshi!! seems to be the bubble show that’s survived the longest, which isn’t necessarily what I would have predicted as recently as a couple of weeks ago.  But here we are anyway.  To be honest, while it isn’t the best reason a part of it simply comes down to Tuesday and Wednesday being dead days this season – I have nothing else at the moment apart from any manga or OVA releases that crop up (and ReLIFE) on those days.  But I do have affection for this show – it’s likably goofy and unpretentious.

Cheer Danshi - 05 -3We’re back in “Hey Kids, let’s put on a show!” mode, which is always a critical juncture for a series like this one.  The show Breakers decides to put on is the same one Kazu’s parents performed in college, which is kind of sweet.  It’s not a supremely difficult one – there’s one major aerial trick and a lot of synchronized dancing, which makes is a pretty safe for their first performance (which is in two months time).  As to the question of which flyer is going to do that trick, I think you can guess how that’s going to play out.

Cheer Danshi - 05 -4The practice sessions are pretty routine (Wataru has turned out to be ultra-rich, and he supplies the team with all the equipment they need) but the fun stuff is the banter that goes along with them.  Stuff like Ton having a girlfriend – and what it does to the others – and everyone dying their hair a difference color (that had to be Kaz’ idea).  There are also hints at a couple of new members – presumably the son the Chinese professor refers to, this boy (I assume he is – it’s the second gender-uncertain character Murase Ayumu is playing this season), though he looks way too young for college (maybe he’s a genius), and this guy.

Cheer Danshi - 05 -5As for the performance itself, I think it goes about as well as can reasonably be expected.  Haru conquers his fears and manages the flip, the dancing isn’t a disaster, and Shou gets off a nice tumbling run.  It’s a pretty extended blast of Engrish and I’m not sure why they had to include “B-O-Y” in there, which makes the whole thing kind of sympathetically cringe-inducing.  But that’s a good cringe – that embarrassment for the guys is definitely an intentional part of Cheer Danshi‘s appeal, because they’re trying to do something that’s not all that socially accepted and that takes a thick skin.



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    Oooh. I wondered if Cheer Danshi will survive the cut, I’m glad you are still blogging this 🙂 Also based on the Op/ED, those ‘gang’ type guys and the guy with the huge hairstyle are also going to be members :O
    I think I remember you talking about the Waseda University Shockers in a previous post (?) and I’ve googled them…some of the videos uploaded on youtube have them perform with their hair dyed. I guess that influenced the anime as well. The animators also seem to have taken the inspiration and had the Breakers perform like the Shockers (or maybe it’s normal dance moves? I don’t follow cheerleading so don’t know xD)

  2. e

    Aaand the show manages (or should we say ‘break through’) a further week of blog coverage. Go Fight Win by the power of kokoro and Engrish :,) .
    – Wataru’s family house *__*
    – In spite of the spare animation nice little detail there with Wataru’s teary red eyes from wearing contacts.
    – Dat hair dye job. Haru got the Delinquent Blond shade :,D . Also the Love Interest route is slowly building up.
    – Tono I knew you had it in you >D
    – that shaved ice is making me nostalgic. Oh Asian treats :,)
    – I agree about the soon to be members we have been shown this week beyond thse two you mentioned in the post… the three bad boys of the ice cream accident + Afro head. Tiny Cutie given his body frame will probabaly become their third top btw.

  3. A

    Isn’t she a girl? A person with ice-cream?

  4. J

    Doubt it, I’ve never seen them use a male VA for a female character before, plus he’s in the OP on the cheerleading team.

  5. Y

    Glad Cheer Danshi!! is picked up (are double exclamation marks a new trend for titles?) for blogging. I liked how there were several moments in their performance where they weren’t completely sychronized or were a little unsteady. Made the performance quite realistic and suspenseful.

  6. TBH it just survived one more week for now. Nothing is definite long-term.

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