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This is the most you’ll ever hear me talk about Shirobako

It’s new video time at Notaku, and this time around it’s the premiere of “Ask Enzo” – what we see as a regular segment where Setsuken and I discuss something (hopefully) interesting about anime, manga or Japanese culture.  As always, please subscribe if you like what you see, and don’t forget to comment either here or at YT!



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    This talk of shirobako got me thinking of something my circle has been talking bout. It’s our current fav genre of anime which is slice of life shows that are about something and not just cute girls doing cute stuff.

    They include shirobako, baby steps, cross game, hyouka, gin no saji. I know some of these shows are sports and mystery but we feel they’re slice of life shows with a plot or maybe just slice of life done right. Maybe that’s just us though ^^

  2. Eers, I really think it depends on how liberally you define slice of life. And anime fans tend to be way too rigid when it comes to genre tags.

    That said, when I think slice I think stuff like Flying Witch and Sketch Book. Shows like Hyouka certainly have slice of life eps but I don’t think of them as “proper” slice of life, if such a thing exists.

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