Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou – 11

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou seems to be developing into a sort of “Portrait of the DJ as a Young Man”.  And that’s fine with me – anime that really focus on the struggle of the artist for their art are relatively few and far between.  It’s a very popular subject in manga, but for whatever reason it seems as if these sorts of stories don’t get chosen for adaptation too often.

The spotlight this time is on the mentor half of the mentor-protege relationship, with DJ Oily getting a rare star turn.  I don’t know much about club culture (I may have said that before) but it sort of makes sense that it’s a young man’s game.  And Oily-san is only too happy to let that be, happily accepting his off-prime slots and letting the flatbellies take the stage when the floor is packed.  As is so often the case it’s not the old veteran but the eager rookie who’s dissatisfied with the status quo (Hachiko may have had infinite patience, but she was an old dog) – Agetarou just plan can’t understand why Oily’s timeless tyle of spinning hasn’t made him a star.  But for Oily-san, that ship has already sailed and there’s nothing he can do about it.

I don’t know if Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou is scheduled to run beyond this season, but what we’re seeing here feels suspiciously like a finale.  At Agetarou’s urging Oily gets the itch to try one last time to make a splash. and he gets the owners of Box to let him use their original storefront – now used as a warehouse – to put on a special event, “Lard City“.  Agetarou’s friends stop by to help get the place ready, and Agetarou sets off to recruit his fellow Millennials to fill out the bill and guarantee a big turnout.  A story about artists can’t go out without a “Hey, Kids – let’s put on a show!” episode – but it sounds like Hahanaru Shizen may have plans to spoil the party.


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    I thought Age’s eagerness about his oh-so-Oily mentor (was he chugging down a whole bottle of oil? At least that is fresh oil… it’s the healthiest he has gulped so far! :,D ) was very very endearing :,) while still rather feeling for Oily’s situation and mindset. Maybe being a gen-member straddling the Millenial line has something to do with that in my case, but I found myself really sympathizing with our lipids-loving guy, club culture alien specs notwithstanding. Go old boy, show them the beauty of seasoned vintage lard!
    Lard is awesome btw – I’d go for the thin slices of juniper&rosemary flavoured fat delish rather than cubes but oh hey DJ-san is hardcore that way XD – .
    I agree this smells a bit like a final arc if not like a first cour arc. But at least concerning mr. mean Ikebukuro DJ I am cautiosly optimistic he will be eventually won over… and go rainy rainy on their parade.

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