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Chill out…

You have no idea how tempted I was to make that the entire post…

Yeah, I loved that whole episode of Tonkatsu DJ Agetrarou, even though there’s not a whole lot one could say about it but “Chill out”.  It was pretty adorkable, that’s for sure – from the Engrish narration of the title phrase to Agetarou’s reactions as he was learning all about how Shibuya chills out.  Further cementing my realization of just how ignorant of club culture I am, I never relaized it was part of the DJs job to play space jams and other chill tunes at the end of the night to help folks decompress and land softly.  Makes sense, though.

It’s true, “chill” is one of the best words in the English language – so evocative, so versatile, even a bit onomatopoeic.  And people have so many different ways to chill out, which say so much about what sort of person they are (I guess even drunk salarymen are chillin’ in a sense – though they’re such an obnoxious part of Japanese life that I never looked at them that way).  Even so, though – chilling out in a meat locker for an entire day is a really, really bad idea.  Don’t try that at home, kids.




  1. e

    All you need is CHILL OUT :,D man you were a typo manic fit away from me filling your inbox with that – plus a hatted whippet dog picture – with a beatific smile frozen on my face. But the internet and wireless gods have deserted me these last 24 hours long enough to save the day (whose is up to the reader’s judgement).
    That said yikes to the hero’s frozen non-pork meat. Of course I liked this episode 🙂 and I could totally second Agetarou’s dictionary trance… to this non-native speaker the English language itself is a giant good chill experience I must say. Eigo rabuuuu!
    CHILL OUT <3

  2. s

    the irony of having an episode focused on “chillling out” with scenarios in which characters are in an sauna or literally chilling out in a meat locker. it’s almost meta. A bit off-topic but how scared/excited are you about the FLCL sequel? ohhhh man…didnt think id live to see the day

  3. Just as an aside, if anyone actually cares what I think about stuff like this, you should follow me on Twitter. I comment on news of this sort pretty much real-time.

    As for FLCL, I’m pretty much at the “indifference” state of grief right now. I never had much hope this could be a good thing, but as soon as the details started to leak out (and continue to) it’s seemed inevitable to me that it’s going to be a clusterfuck of the grandest proportions – the Ramsay Bolton of sequels.

    But anyway – chill out, right?

  4. s

    oh god…..that’s……..pretty bleak (then again this sequel doesnt seem to be a partnership between gainax so i understand the trepidation); and thanks for the heads up as to where to follow you in regards to news like this.

  5. It’s more than the lack of Gainax participation. It’s the names involved (ugh), the lack of respect for the creators (Sadamoto: “I asked if they wanted to use my designs, and no one ever got back to me”), it’s the plot synopsis. It just sounds like a horrendous disaster in the making.

  6. s

    yea i read that and no lie, the first word that came out of my mouth was, “uh oh”

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