Sakamoto desu ga? – 04

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Not even Gankutsuou is a match for Swagamoto.

The universe of Sakamoto desu ga? continues to expand, with new characters being drawn into his orbit as if by Sakamoto-kun’s massive gravitational pull. And when you add Nakata Jouji to the cast, you know you’re punching in the heavyweight class.  Nakata plays Kakuta, the gym (and health sciences – natch) teacher who sees it as his mission to bring the unflappable Sakamoto down a few pegs (in the tradition of great gym teachers since time immemorial).  A few of this week’s highlights:

  • Sakamoto blowing bubbles so extreme he can float away in one. Don’t shut yourself off, Sakamoto-kun!
  • Sakamoto getting himself in trouble (in coolest fashion, of course) just so he can help a starving sparrow.  Even Kakuta-sensei’s ire melts a little at that.
  • Lest you think any creature too humble for Sakamoto’s limitless Buddha-like compassion, even a slug in the lettuce ends up with a spa day and a trip to freedom.  You didn’t think he’d actually kill the thing, did you?
  • “CooKing Boy”
  • The orangutan/angel portrait.  Eye of the beholder, indeed – and which was her “inner face”?
  • I wonder if recent tragic events in Japan made that “Don’t try this at home” disclaimer necessary?
  • Herding fish.  For Sakamoto, all is possible.
  • The whole “tunnel to Brazil” thing – but especially Acchan’s idea of a Brazilian paradise was.  Girls, soccer and coffee – carnivale!
  • As for an onsen in the schoolyard, that seems more likely at Tanaka-kun’s school…





  1. S

    Funniest part? In Brazil, there is a popular belief that says that if you dig a hole deep enough, you will find yourself in Japan. I don’t know if the producers (or Sano Nami) knew about that or if it was an accidental joke, but it sure made me laugh.

  2. A

    Wow, that first scene of the episode with the bamboo pole really hit home with me. Coming fresh off of the previous episode, that’s gotta be the joke that sealed the deal for me on this series. I was laughing like an idiot for about 5 minutes because of that scene!

  3. C

    That is how gods walk up stairs.

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